Pro-McConnell Super PAC Begins Closing Argument Tuesday with $1.3 Million TV Buy

Alison Grimes Doesn’t Have to Admit She’d Be Obama’s Senator…It’s Obvious.
(Louisville) Kentuckians for Strong Leadership, a Section 527 Super PAC, is releasing a new television ad today making a closing argument against the U.S. Senate candidacy of Alison Grimes. “Look” will run statewide for the next ten days, backed by a $1.3 million expenditure. Kentuckians for Strong Leadership has now spent roughly $6 million on television and radio ads supporting U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell for reelection.

“Alison Grimes rhetorical contortions have finally caught up with her. She’s now a laughingstock nationally,” said Scott Jennings, senior advisor to Kentuckians for Strong Leadership. “Of course she voted for Obama. The video evidence proves she supports his immigration policies. She’s bankrolled by Obama’s anti-coal zealots. And she fully endorsed Obama’s liberal platform as his delegate. Alison Grimes doesn’t have to admit she voted for Obama. We already know,” Jennings said.

View the spot here:

GRIMES:                “I’ve never supported amnesty.”

ANNC:                   Not true. Look:

GRIMES:               “…Giving a pathway to citizenship for so many millions”

ANNC:                   Alison…that is amnesty.

Grimes’ liberal views don’t fit Kentucky. She embraced Obama’s party platform. The War on Coal. Obamacare. Amnesty. And his re-election. No wonder Obama’s team is bankrolling her.

Alison Grimes doesn’t have to admit she’d be Obama’s Senator. It’s obvious.
Kentuckians for Strong Leadership (KSL) is a Section 527 Super PAC supporting the reelection of U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell. Media inquiries should be directed to Scott Jennings, who can be reached at