Pro-McConnell Super PAC Begins $1.2 Million TV Buy on Tuesday

“Abandoned” gets to the truth about Grimes’s lies about coal

(Louisville) Kentuckians for Strong Leadership, a Section 527 Super PAC, is releasing a new television ad today exposing Alison Grimes’s lies about coal related issues, and further tying her to Barack Obama and his anti-coal agenda. The spot will run for a week, beginning Tuesday, October 14, at a cost of $1.2 million. The group also plans to spend over one million dollars in a statewide buy next week.

“Try as she might, Alison Grimes cannot hide from her past support of Barack Obama and his agenda, from the fact Obama’s biggest supporters fund her campaign, or from her repeatedly debunked negative attacks. We cannot trust Alison Grimes to give a straight answer or tell the truth, and Kentucky should not trust her with a U.S. Senate seat. Grimes has jumped the shark with these rhetorical contortions,” said Scott Jennings, senior advisor to Kentuckians for Strong Leadership.

View the spot here:

ANNC: Alison Grimes just got caught lying about coal – again. Her latest ad? Four Pinocchios.
The Kentucky Coal Association said Grimes’ attacks are unfair and untrue.

When it comes to coal, she’s got a lot to hide.

Grimes backed Obama’s re-election after he declared war on Kentucky coal. Grimes’ campaign – bankrolled by Obama’s anti-coal moneymen.

Alison Grimes: A vote for Obama, a vote against coal.