Part Time Grimes Swings and Misses At McConnell

Attacks opponent for being “part time” when she’s campaigning for another office and breaking a campaign pledge

(Louisville) Pot, meet kettle.

Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Grimes leveled a bizarre attack in the Madisonville Messenger, arguing that because Senator Mitch McConnell is the leader of the Republicans in the Senate that he is somehow a “part-time” Senator from Kentucky. Grimes then graciously pledged to be a “full-time” Senator.

“We need a full-time senator. I’m not running for any leadership position; I’m running to be the senator for the people of Kentucky,” Grimes told the Messenger. 

Perhaps Ms. Grimes has forgotten that she’s already broken her pledge to serve a full term as Secretary of State, and perhaps she’s ignoring the fact that there aren’t too many duties a Kentucky Secretary of State performs in San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Martha’s Vineyard, where she spends most of her time raising money these days.

“Ms. Grimes said she’d be a full-time, four year secretary of state, yet she spends most of her days campaigning in the most liberal enclaves in America,” said Scott Jennings, senior advisor to Kentuckians for Strong Leadership. “It’s true that America does have a part-time problem, caused by Grimes’s ideological godfather Barack Obama’s disastrous health care law that’s driving millions of Americans out of full time jobs,” Jennings said. “Grimes rarely makes a promise or a pledge, but when she does we now know she’s not afraid to break it to fuel her unbridled ambition,” Jennings said.

RESEARCH: Grimes Promised She Would Serve All Four Years Of Her Term As Secretary Of State.

(“Kentucky Secretary Of State Candidates Editorial Board Interview, The Courier-Journal, 9/21/11; Video, Comments Begin At 43:50)

Q: “Would you serve for four years if you win?”

GRIMES: “I, uh, yes I hope to. If that’s the term. Yes.”

Q: “You wouldn’t run for any other office during that term?”

GRIMES: “I’m focused on being able to do some good with this office for all Kentucky.”


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