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20 Mar

Grimes Raises Money With Anti Coal Politicians

Tonight, news reports indicate Kentucky U.S. Senate candidate Alison Grimes will raise money with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, another in a long line of events with extremely anti-coal politicians. Last year, you’ll recall, Grimes raised money with a California fundraiser who called coal “a fuel from Hell.” Earlier this month she appeared with prominent cap-and-trade

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10 Mar

New Polling Memo

Kentuckians for Strong Leadership today released a polling memo outlining key findings in the KY Senate Primary.  Among the findings:  Mitch McConnell now has a commanding lead in the US Senate primary against Matt Bevin While Senator McConnell has a very positive image, Matt Bevin’s image is close to one-to-one The full memo can be

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07 Feb

Web Video and Research: Who do you believe on jobs, Grimes or Beshear?

Kentucky U.S. Senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes (D) is in the midst of a speaking tour touting her campaign’s “jobs” plan. During her speeches, Grimes says Kentucky has lost more than 100-thousand jobs and blames U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell. In fact, the Grimes campaign has launched a website ( to attack McConnell on Kentucky’s job

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16 Jan

Pro-McConnell Super PAC Releases Radio Ad Highlighting Grimes Anti-Coal Supporters

Grimes Eastern Kentucky Credibility Undermined by Her Radical Anti-Coal Supporters (Louisville) Kentuckians for Strong Leadership, a Section 527 Super PAC, is releasing a new radio ad exposing that Alison Grimes’ campaign is funded by extremely liberal anti-coal activists. The ad comes as Grimes attempts to portray herself as pro-coal, most recently in a speech Thursday

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14 Nov

Part Time Grimes Swings and Misses At McConnell

Attacks opponent for being “part time” when she’s campaigning for another office and breaking a campaign pledge (Louisville) Pot, meet kettle. Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Grimes leveled a bizarre attack in the Madisonville Messenger, arguing that because Senator Mitch McConnell is the leader of the Republicans in the Senate that he is somehow a

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07 Nov

Kentuckians for Strong Leadership Releases Web Video: “Hollywood Liberal”

 Grimes takes money from ultra-liberal Hollywood that supported Obama’s campaign (Louisville) Kentuckians for Strong Leadership (KSL), a Section 527 Super PAC, launched a web video today called “Hollywood Liberal”.The group is running the ad in various places online to highlight just who is funding the Grimes campaign – people who could not care less what

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05 Nov

Kentuckians for Strong Leadership Releases Television Ad: “Burn”

 Obama’s supporter Grimes not telling the truth again (Louisville) Kentuckians for Strong Leadership (KSL), a Section 527 Super PAC, launched a new television ad today called “Burn.” The spot discusses two recently uncovered falsehoods – Barack Obama’s statement that people can keep their healthcare plans under Obamacare, and Allison Grimes’ recent attack video on Mitch

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