NEW KSL TV: Liberals Rolling out the Red Carpet for Alison Grimes

Wondering where Grimes is on issues? Look at her friends!

Louisville, KY- Kentuckians for Strong Leadership (KSL), a Section 527 Super PAC, is launching a television ad Wednesday morning, May 21, called “Red Carpet.” The ad is airing on broadcast stations and cable systems across Kentucky, and is backed by $575-thousand expenditure. It will run through June 2.

“Grimes has been less than forthcoming about her positions on issues, but her supporters have been quite clear about why they want her in office. Her liberal supporters—from Michelle Obama to the biggest left wingers in Hollywood—tell us that Grimes winning this election is ‘critical’ to pushing President Obama’s agenda in the Senate,” said Scott Jennings, senior advisor to the KSL. “If Grimes wins, the Obama agenda moves forward. If she loses, the Obama agenda is stopped. It’s that simple this November,” Jennings said.

The full script is here:

ANNC: Liberals coast to coast are rolling out the red carpet for Alison Grimes. She’s backed by Obama’s biggest fundraisers. And Hollywood’s most liberal political activists.

Michelle Obama let the truth slip out at a New York City fundraiser, calling Grimes’ election “critical” to President Obama’s liberal agenda that’s hurting Kentucky.

Where’s Alison Grimes on the issues? Just look at her friends.


Contact Scott Jennings for more information, or 502-649-3425.