Kentuckians for Strong Leadership Releases “Flip the House” Web Video Ahead of March 8 Special Elections

(Louisville) Kentuckians for Strong Leadership, an independent expenditure political committee that successfully advocated for the reelection of U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell in 2014, will turn towards a new mission in 2016 – flipping control of Kentucky’s state House of Representatives to the Republican Party.

“Democratic control of Kentucky’s state house has stifled progress here for too long,” said Kent Westberry, Chairman of KSL’s Board of Directors. “Our intention is to do as much as we can to deliver control of the Kentucky House to a conservative Republican majority that will break the policy logjam that exists under Speaker Greg Stumbo.”

KSL released a web video today recalling for voters the words of Speaker Stumbo on Election Night 2015. View the video here:

“We sincerely thank Speaker Stumbo for tagging every Democrat running for state House as a Member of the ‘Party of Obama,’ and as candidates who ‘believes in the core values’ that Obama represents,” Westberry said. “And we enthusiastically encourage the ‘Arkansas Traveler’ to come to Kentucky early and often, hopefully appearing in house districts across the state. We hope Mrs. Clinton does for Stumbo’s ‘Party of Obama’ foot soldiers what she did for Alison Grimes in 2014.”


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