Kentuckians for Strong Leadership Releases Web Video: “Not Ready for Primetime”

What Rhymes with Alison Lundergan Grimes?

(Louisville) Kentuckians for Strong Leadership (KSL) today launched a web video this morning called “Not Ready for Primetime,” which answers the question: “What rhymes with Alison Lundergan Grimes?” The web video is being released as Grimes re-launches her own campaign after a disastrous start.

“The answer to ‘what rhymes with Grimes’ is ‘not ready for primetime,” said Scott Jennings, KSL senior advisor. “Here’s more video evidence that Grimes puts her allegiance to the liberal national Democratic platform ahead of the interests of Kentuckians. Grimes started this race promising to reverse McConnell’s ‘obstruction’ of the Obama agenda. And she repeatedly pledges undying allegiance to the national Democratic platform that promises to raise taxes, spend us further into debt, fully implement Obamacare, and regulate Kentucky’s coal industry out of existence.

“In contrast to Grimes, Mitch McConnell stands up for Kentucky on these critical issues. It’s a simple proposition next fall. Voters can choose Grimes, an unabashed adherent to the liberal Obama doctrine, or Mitch McConnell, who backs Kentuckians over Obama’s unpopular agenda,” Jennings said.

The ad can be viewed here:


Kentuckians for Strong Leadership (KSL) is a Section 527 Super PAC that will be engaging in upcoming federal elections, including the 2014 U.S. Senate race in Kentucky. Media inquiries should be directed to Scott Jennings via Carmyn Howe, who can be reached at (502) 407-2899 or