Kentuckians for Strong Leadership Releases Television Ad: “Burn”

 Obama’s supporter Grimes not telling the truth again

(Louisville) Kentuckians for Strong Leadership (KSL), a Section 527 Super PAC, launched a new television ad today called “Burn.” The spot discusses two recently uncovered falsehoods – Barack Obama’s statement that people can keep their healthcare plans under Obamacare, and Allison Grimes’ recent attack video on Mitch McConnell.

“Alison Grimes and Barack Obama are peas in a pod on policy and failure to tell the truth,” said Scott Jennings, senior advisor to KSL. “Independent fact-checkers nailed Grimes for recycling the same exaggerations as the Washington liberals who recruited her, just like President Obama got nailed for lying about Obamacare. During this election we are going to hold liberal politicians like Grimes and Obama accountable for not telling the truth and trying to get away with it,” Jennings said.


The ad is airing statewide on broadcast and cable television. KSL is spending $340,000 to air the spot, which can be viewed here: The script is below:


PRES OBAMA:  “If you like your private health insurance plan, you can keep your plan.”


ANNCR: Now a shocking NBC News report—Obama knew all along that wasn’t true. And how about Obama supporter Alison Grimes? Her credibility’s burned too. Fact checkers are smoking out her exaggerations, inflations…an ad that falls short of the truth.


Grimes and Obama. When liberals don’t tell the truth. Kentucky gets burned.


Kentuckians for Strong Leadership is responsible for the content of this advertising.


Media inquiries should be directed to Carmyn Howe, who can be reached at (502) 407-2899 or


Kentuckians for Strong Leadership (KSL) is a Section 527 Super PAC that will be engaging in upcoming federal elections, including the 2014 U.S. Senate race in Kentucky. Media inquiries should be directed to Scott Jennings via Carmyn Howe, who can be reached at (502) 407-2899 or