How Can Anyone Take Alison Grimes Seriously On Coal?

Grimes Supports Obama and raises money with Reid, who have cost thousands of Kentucky coal miners their jobs


(LOUISVILLE) Today, Kentuckians for Strong Leadership released the statement responding to Alison Lundergan Grimes newest doubletalk on Kentucky coal. This can be attributed to KSL Board Member Riggs Lewis


“Alison Grimes stood on the floor of the Democratic National Convention and enthusiastically supported Barack Obama. She is about to fly off to Las Vegas to raise money from Harry ‘Coal Makes Us Sick’ Reid. How can anyone possibly take her seriously when she feigns concern about coal? I wonder if the hundreds of coal mining families who lost their jobs today find any comfort in the words of a political candidate who has supported the very politicians who are responsible for putting them out of work?


“Alison Lundergan Grimes is a double talk machine – raising cash on the one hand from national liberal elites, while giving local hardworking Kentuckians cheap assurances that she’s one of us.”




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