Grimes Has No Answer on Keystone Pipeline…or Does She?

(Louisville) Answering a question from Leo’s Joe Sonka (@joesonka) about whether she supports the Keystone Pipeline, Kentucky Senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes offered the following answer today:

“I believe in a balanced, commonsense approach that both strengthens KY’s economy & avoids envir. risk. I will evaluate policy decisions on such issues based on that core principle.” (@joesonka Twitter feed, accessed on February 4, 2014).

While it seems Grimes is continuing a pattern of refusing to answer basic questions about the most well-known policy matters in American politics, she may actually have a secret position on Keystone that she’s willing to share with liberal donors at fundraisers but not Kentuckians. Consider this passage from a news article about Grimes’s trip to San Francisco last October:

In October 2013, Grimes “Held Court With More Than A Dozen San Francisco Bay Activists” And Discussed A Host Of Issues Including Keystone XL And Climate Change. “Grimes held court with more than a dozen San Francisco Bay Area activists prior to a Buell fundraiser on topics ranging from women’s issues, immigration and filibuster reform to Keystone XL and climate change, according to one attendee. And her views on issues outside of environment and energy policy may be what attracted backers like Buell — as well as an endorsement from EMILY’s List, which supports Democratic female candidates who favor abortion rights.” (Darren Goode, “Greens Face Grimes Dilemma,” Politico, 11/11/13)

Who is the Buell referenced in this passage? Susie Tompkins Buell, one of the nation’s most “outspoken” opponents of – wait for it – the Keystone Pipeline. Wonder what Grimes had to say about Keystone with Mrs. Buell? So do we, given that Buell said Grimes had a “command of the issues” following their conversation…

Buell Is “An Outspoken Opponent Of Keystone XL.” “Buell, who has been an outspoken opponent of Keystone XL, didn’t offer any details about the Grimes’s fundraiser, including the amount of money raised. ‘We had a great event [with] lively conversation among people very concerned [about] the future,’ Buell said. ‘Alison was very impressive. Her vibrant attitude, command of the issues, concern for the future, absolute conviction and spunky energy was very refreshing.’” (Darren Goode, “Greens Face Grimes Dilemma,” Politico, 11/11/13)


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