Kentuckians for Strong Leadership was founded to protect our jobs, our freedom and our way of life from the extreme big-government agenda of President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer.  We are an independent Super PAC engaged in the Kentucky Senate election.

And our highest priority right now is to ensure that Kentucky’s own Senator Mitch McConnell is reelected, so that he can keep fighting for our constitutional liberties against an unprecedented liberal assault.

Left-wing Democrats are obsessed with defeating McConnell because they know he is the number-one threat to their goal of confiscatory taxes, shuttered coal plants, total government control of our health care and curtailed gun rights.  If we don’t have McConnell’s back now, extreme liberals could get a free shot to enact the rest of their agenda in the last two years of Obama’s presidency.

Remember: it took the liberals just 24 months to slam through Obamacare, the recklessly wasteful stimulus, and trillions more in government debt that our children will have to pay.  Now, they are focused on getting all the power back they need in 2014 so they can get the rest of their grandiose plans accomplished.

Remember this too: during those 24 months, Kentucky’s own Senator Mitch McConnell became America’s staunchest defender of freedom – rallying Republicans across the country against Obamacare, the stimulus, and cap-and-trade.  Obama and his liberal allies have never forgotten that, nor have they forgiven McConnell for it.

In 2014, your freedom will be on the ballot in Kentucky.

By supporting Kentuckians for Strong Leadership, you can help us stop the Obama/Pelosi/Reid agenda once and for all – by standing with Kentucky’s strongest advocate for constitutional freedom, jobs and our way of life: Senator Mitch McConnell.