Monthly Archives: June 2014

10 Jun

Statement on Grimes Forgetting KY Coal at Harry Reid Fundraiser

“This latest incident not only gives Kentucky voters good reason to question Grimes’ authenticity, it leads them to question whether she has the courage to stand up for Kentucky values in Washington. If we can’t trust her in a room full of people who wrote checks because they like Harry Reid’s policies, how can we

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03 Jun

KSL Radio: Grimes Supports Obama and Reid as They Attack Coal 

Grimes will be an ally to the Obama agenda Louisville, KY- Kentuckians for Strong Leadership, a section 527 Super PAC supporting Mitch McConnell for the U.S. Senate, is running a radio ad called “Soldier.” The ad links Alison Grimes and the liberal politicians she supports – Barack Obama and Harry Reid – as they gang up on Kentucky’s

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